White Earth Land Recovery Project
source for true wild rice (hand-harvested and wood-parched by tribal members), organic corn and hominy, and maple syrup.

Tohono O’odham Community Action
white and brown tepary beans, saguaro cactus syrup, cholla buds, Native Foodways Magazine, From I’itoi’s Garden cookbook.

Native Seeds/SEARCH
heirloom beans, including tepary beans; dried chiles, including chiltepines; corn products, including blue corn meal,  blue corn atole flour, dried pozole, popcorn; chia; mesquite flour; epazote; Mexican oregano
Lucia’s Herbal Remedies, including chaya and mint marigold (yerbaníz); organic Mexican chocolate discs; dried chiles, including chiltepin; corn husks for tamales; epazote; tequesquite; avocado leaves; hibisicus flowers, Mexican oregano; canela Mexicana; achiote, seeds and ground; piloncillo; reasonably priced lead-free clay bean pots; molcajete; tortilla press; comal.

Bob’s Red Mill
Worker-owned cooperative sells non-GM masa harina; organic amaranth, whole grain and flour; organic quinoa, whole grain and flour; organic chia.

Gold Mine Natural Foods
organic masa harina (white, yellow, and blue corn); organic Tarahumara heirloom blue corn; organic beans, including Anasazi beans; organic quinoa; organic amaranth; organic chia; organic pumpkin seeds; dried maitake mushrooms.

Rancho Gordo
heirloom beans; Mexican oregano (marketed as Oregano Indio); dried xoconostle; dried pozole; canela Mexicana; pure vanilla extract.

Seeds of Change
large selection of quality organic seeds.

Richter’s Herb Specialist
n impressive selection of unusual herb plants and dried herbs, including Mexican oregano, Aztec Sweet Herb, and Yerba Mansa.

Yemoos Nourishing Cultures
water kefir grains (tíbicos)